Ways to give

Below are some easy ways to get involved and contribute to improving the availability and quality of healthcare for mothers and babies.

Knit for newborns

We use a knitted placenta and womb during our emergency obstetric care training courses. They are used to demonstrate the correct way to manually remove the placenta.

The pattern can be downloaded on our site, and is relatively simple to complete. We would like to thank you in advance for your interest and help in producing these teaching aids. 




Expired medical equipment

We welcome donations of expired medical equipment, which can be used for training purposes.

Below are some examples of the materials we require:

  • Expired suture material (from maternity wards only, to be used for perineal repair training)
  • Cannulae (sizes 16G and 22G)
  • Omnicups and Kiwi cups
  • Blood bottles
  • Any expired IV fluids 
  • IV giving sets

If you have any other materials / equipment that you would like to donate, please contact Nik Cooper on 0151 705 3783 or email nik.cooper@lstmed.ac.uk

You can send all items to:

Nik Cooper
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine,
The Centre for Maternal and Newborn Health,
Pembroke Place
L3 5QA

Make a donation

 We often receive requests for donations of simple items of equipment, at the hospitals where we have trained staff. The availability of high quality equipment supports the newly acquired skills of the participants, and the continuous development of the hospital team.

We encourage donations which we can use to supply this much needed equipment to as many hospitals as possible.

Some sample equipment costs are:

£10 could buy a paediatrics Ambu™bag

£30 could buy a Kiwi™ vacuum extraction cup

£250 could buy a fetal heart monitor

£840 could buy a Bird vacuum extractor

If you are interested in making a donation to help us help buy equipment for hospitals then please contact Nik Cooper on 0151 705 3783 or email nik.cooper@lstmed.ac.uk