Improving the quality of maternity care in Oman

Omani women in traditional dress

Evaluating and improving the quality of maternity care in Oman through applying near miss approach.

With the reduction in the maternal deaths in the developed countries, review of cases with severe maternal complications known as maternal “near-miss” (MNM) was introduced to complement maternal deaths reviews to improve the quality of maternal care. Currently, there is no standard identification criteria for MNM. Recently, the WHO published a tool with MNM of criteria. However, there is an ongoing debate in the literature about the applicability of these criteria.

This study will introduce MNM review to Oman and it will test a new MNM identification criteria based on the WHO application of International Classification of Diseases version 10 for Maternal Mortality (ICD-10 MM) to deaths during pregnancy, childbirth and puerperium. Oman has a well-established maternal deaths review system. The number of maternal deaths are relatively low, however, most of these deaths are preventable. Currently there is no standardized MNM review in the country.

The study will be a national cross sectional study for one year, it will strengthen existing structures for maternal death reviews and build capacity for MNM reviews. Specifically the study will explore the underlying causes, contributory conditions and factors to both MNM and maternal deaths.