Is it worth it?

News article 7 Dec 2016
Facilitator overseeing handwashing

Dr Burnett Lunan recently carried out a quality assurance evaluation of the Life Saving Skills course at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH), University of Nairobi. 

The original LSTM Course has been expanded and adapted (‘Kenyanised’) to include locally relevant topics such as HIV, malaria, hand washing, and surgical knots.

Practising episiotomy repair

The course director and faculty were excellent – very able and totally committed. The participants were young ‘interns’ between passing their finals and graduation. They responded to the course with great enthusiasm.

Personally, I drew great encouragement from the commitment to maternal and newborn health. I had been a Senior Lecturer at the University of Nairobi (KNH) more than 40 years ago and my hope is that seeds sown then and the seeds sown by the course over the last four years, will bear much fruit.

Is it worth it? Yes, Yes, and Yes again.