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Midwife examining a baby, held by it's mother

Making it Happen with Data is a one day workshop developed by the CMNH to increase the awareness of importance of good quality data collected in facilities, and to improve the skills of those working in the facilities to manage and use the data collected. 

The workshop is part of a training package designed under the Making it Happen Programme, alongside the EOC&NC training and quality improvement packages aimed at improving the availability and quality of emergency obstetric care.

The Making it Happen with Data workshop helps participants to:

  • Understand which indicators are used to monitor progress in maternal and newborn health
  • Understand the reasons and benefits of keeping accurate and reliable records
  • Extract and summarise findings from registers and other data that are routinely collected at their health facilities
  • Understand the key concepts of monitoring and evaluation
  • Have developed new skills on how to present data for maternal and newborn health
  • Be able to use data on maternal and newborn health to inform their day-to-day practice

To date, over 1,600 HCPs and other staff involved in data and record management across nine countries (Bangladesh, Ghana, Malawi, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Zimbabwe) have been trained under Making it Happen with Data. The workshop has received top marks from participants evaluating how well the workshop met its objectives and whether it was a good use of participant’s time, as well as whether participants felt the knowledge acquired was going to be useful in improving MNH record quality in their healthcare facility/institution, and whether participation at the workshop would improve the analysis and use of routinely collected MNH data in their healthcare facility/institution.*

Qualitative feedback supports positive findings: 

“[The format of the workshop] is good because we used various methods of teaching e.g. brainstorming, group work, discussion and lectures, so it was easy to capture sessions.” (Healthcare Provider, Tanzania)

“I learnt a lot of new things on data collection which will improve my work at my facility.” (Healthcare Provider, Sierra Leone)

“The training should be provided to all health workers who are involved in dealing with delivery.” (Healthcare Provider, Zimbabwe)

* 5 out of 5 score, based on median responses from 1005, 1002, 998 and 1004 participants, respectively.