Country Information

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan has a population of about 176.7 million (World Bank, 2011) . Pakistan comprises a total land mass of 796,096 square kilometres. Pakistan is divided into four provinces: Baluchistan province is in the southwest, Punjab and Sindh provinces are plains with the world’s largest irrigation system and North-West Frontier Province (NWFP) is located in the northwest.


Key MNH Indicators

Maternal Mortality Ratio: 260/100,000 live births (2011) (WHO, 2013)
% Skilled Birth Attendance: 52%% (NIPS, 2013)
% Contraceptive Prevalence Rate: 35.0 (NIPS, 2013)
Adolescent Birth Rate: 16 (2005-2010)(WHO, 2013)
Ante-Natal Care (at least one visit): 73% (2005-2012)(NIPS, 2013)

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