Filming our work in Kwara State, Nigeria

Media 14 Aug 2017
Professor Munir'deen Ijaiya

Maternal and newborn mortality in Nigeria is high, despite ongoing efforts by the government and development partners to implement interventions to reduce it. 

Since 2015 LSTM, with funding from Johnson and Johnson, has provided Life Saving Skills / Emergency Obstetrics and Newborn Care and Quality improvement training in Nigeria. The training, combined with supportive supervision and regular monitoring and evaluation, aims to improve maternal and newborn care in Nigeria.

This film gives an insight into the current phase being implemented in Kwara state, which is partnership with Wellbeing Foundation Africa and Johnson and Johnson. The film captures the experiences of the healthcare workers participating in the training courses, the master trainers conducting the training and the impact it has on the provision of quality maternal and new born care in Nigeria.

Watch the film of our work in Kwara State on Vimeo