Building capacity for quality improvement in Chad

News article 18 Oct 2018
CMNH runs a 4-day workshop in N’djamena on validation of standards and demonstration course on standards-based audit cycle to improve antenatal and postnatal care in Chad

With funding from the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM), the Centre for Maternal and Newborn Health (CMNH) delivered a workshop in N’djamena, Chad to help to improve the quality of antenatal and postnatal care across the country. Workshop participants included Provincial Medical Officers, midwives and paediatricians from the 12 provinces in Chad, as well as members of the Ministry of Health Directorate of Reproductive Health and Directorate of Care Provision and members of UN and non-governmental organisations. From 21st - 28th September, they were invited to review and adapt the standards on quality of antenatal and postnatal care including HIV, tuberculosis and malaria screening and treatment to the context of Chad.

These standards have been developed by CMNH to improve quality of antenatal and postnatal care integrating HIV, tuberculosis and malaria screening and treatment. Antenatal care and postnatal care are an entrance door to screen and initiate treatment for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria. Thus, good quality of antenatal and postnatal care can help increase the coverage of screening and treatment for HIV, tuberculosis and malaria.

During the Millennium Development Goals era, many countries have focused their efforts on increasing access to care. However, to reduce further maternal and newborn mortality and stillbirths, the increase of coverage must go hand in hand with improving the quality of care. Indeed, good quality of care is an important catalyst to encourage people to seek and use care.

Standards-based audit is used to provide the best possible care. Healthcare providers can compare their current practice to standards and highlight areas for improvement. They can then implement interventions to meet the standards.

Audrey Mahieu, Senior Technical Officer at CMNH, who facilitated the workshop:
“The workshop was a place of passionate exchanges. The 37 participants enthusiastically reviewed and adapted the quality standards and CMNH facilitators introduced them to the standards-based audit cycle. By the end of 2018, CMNH will train in-country trainers and mentors who will cascade the training and support the process of standards-based audit in 60 health facilities in Chad.”

Following this workshop, CMNH also delivered a demonstration workshop of our innovative antenatal and postnatal competency-based training for healthcare providers.