CMNH publication is prestigious journal’s most accessed paper in 2017.

News article 24 Jan 2018

Dr Thidar Pyone, Clinical Research Associate at CMNH, and colleagues published a paper on health systems governance in Health Policy and Planning in June 2017 which has the distinction of being the journal’s most accessed in 2017.

Dr Pyone’s article, Frameworks to assess health systems governance: a systematic review, used a unique theory-driven approach which aimed to identify existing frameworks being used to assess governance and to share lessons learnt regarding which frameworks work well in which settings.

Dr Thidar Pyone:
“Governance is increasingly seen as a cross-cutting theme to address challenges in health systems. However, governance is conceptually complex and there is a lack of clarity on what it comprises because there is currently no universally agreed way to define and assess it. We conducted this systematic review to identify a framework which we could use in our health system and policy research. The ultimate aim is to help policy makers and health system managers to identify and prioritise which framework to use to assess “operational governance” at national and sub-national levels, leading to good governance actions.

I personally feel that the research into governance is instrumental for CMNH as our efforts to improve the availability and quality of healthcare to mothers and babies will not achieve their full potential without solving this stumbling block, governance!”

You can read more about this paper in a blog written by Dr Pyone.