Congratulations to Dr Mamuda Aminu

News article 12 Dec 2017

CMNH is delighted to celebrate with Dr Mamuda Aminu, who was awarded his PhD at a graduation ceremony in Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall last Wednesday. Dr Aminu joined the centre in 2013 and has spent the last four years working towards his PhD, which examined the cause of and factors contributing to stillbirth in sub-Saharan Africa.

“To make perinatal death review less daunting for healthcare providers, I pioneered the development of computer algorithms for PC and mobile device apps. The app is designed to diagnose the cause of stillbirth and neonatal mortality, and identify factors contributing to the mortality accurately and quickly. This helps healthcare providers develop SMART action plan to prevent future deaths. The app also presents an interactive tutorial to guide healthcare providers on how to conduct stillbirth and neonatal mortality audit.”

You can read more about this research in two papers published here and here. Dr Aminu is now working to pilot the mobile device app in multiple countries.